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Luke is very proud of his endorsement with Bosphorus Cymbals..

Luke's Current Bosphorus Cymbals Set Up:


Black Pearl 15" Hi-Hats

New Orleans 14" Hi -Hats

Turk Series 20" Ride

Antique Ride 22" Ride

Master Series 17" Crash

Traditonal 15" Crash

Oracle Series 18" Crash

"I've always been a fan of Turkish Cymbals, but Bosphorus really capture the essence of what a cymbal should be..theres also something very special about playing an instrument that has been handcrafted, knowing the craftsman has had just as much passion making the cymbal as I do playing them...if you watch the Bosphorus team at work you're very quick to realise how much they are artists as much as the players using them..I am very proud to be a Bosphorus Cymbals Artist" - Luke Selby

Luke is very proud to endorse ACS Custom

"I’ve always stayed clear of in-ear monitoring due to not liking the feeling of isolation from the raw sound of my instrument, especially since playing with Will McNicol where the style of music and playing is so feel based. However, when I was trying the ACS Evolve Live! Custom at the ACS Office in London for the first time I was absolutely blown away. It was the moment when I was listening to the music coming through the IEM and then somebody in the room spoke; this was detected by the ambient microphones. I felt like I didn’t even have IEM’s in yet could hear everything, all in perfect clarity. I can only describe the ACS Evolve Live! Custom as a life changing product for me." - Luke Selby

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